CoD: Warzone And MW2 Season 6 Includes Spawn, Diablo Operators, The Haunting, And More

The ultimate chapter of Modern Warfare 2 is set to debut on September 27, and Activision has unveiled the Season 6 roadmap, which unveils a collaboration with Spawn, a Halloween extravaganza, and more. Here are all the fresh revelations for Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone.

Fresh battle pass, armaments, and operatives

Season 6 arrives with a brand-new battle pass that features 100-tiers of content, including the comic book antihero Spawn as the battle pass operative for the season. Players who acquire the Season 6 pass will instantly unlock the Al Simmons operative, who is Spawn’s human identity in the mortal world. Spawn also has skins that can be unlocked at tier 0 and tier 100 of the pass.

Spawn battle pass operative

The Blackcell premium pass includes a robotic version of Valeria, and she comes with a tactical companion named Megabyte.

In terms of new weaponry, the TR-76 Geist assault rifle, ISO 9mm submachine gun, and Dual Kamas melee weapons will be accessible in the free tiers of the pass. The Doom Chainsaw will be available for purchase in a bundle during the mid-season update, but it will not have a free unlock challenge, as this weapon is considered a variation of the pickaxe melee weapon.

Other shop bundles will include the previously leaked bundles for Diablo’s Lilith and Inarius, Skeletor from the Masters of the Universe franchise, Ash Williams from the Evil Dead, and Alucard from Hellsing.

Halloween extravaganza

The eerie season is approaching, and Call of Duty is bringing back its annual “The Haunting” event for Halloween. The event will introduce jump scares and spooky updates to maps for both Warzone and multiplayer.

On the Warzone side, players can anticipate an event for Al Mazrah called “Operation Nightmare,” where they will be tasked with banishing monsters back to the depths of hell. Al Mazrah will feature a nighttime map for the event. The Vondel map will also have a Vondead zombies-themed mode. The Haunting will arrive during the mid-season update.

Al Simmons operative


Modern Warfare 2

Season 6 of multiplayer will introduce four fresh maps upon launch. This includes two standard 6v6 maps and two Gunfight maps. La Casa is a brand-new core map set in a luxurious estate located in Las Almas, and Koro Village brings back the map layout of Toujane from 2005’s Call of Duty 2, but this time with a wintry theme.

For Gunfight, the beloved King map from Modern Warfare 2019 is making a comeback, and Fight appears to be a 2v2 arena inspired by the popular Shoothouse map.

During the mid-season update, there will be two spine-chilling map reskins for the holiday. El Asilo will celebrate Día de Muertos, while Embassy will become the site of a gory zombie onslaught.

Alongside the mid-season The Haunting event, players can expect jump scares, skulls, zombies, and more eerie elements with holiday variations of Domination, Kill Confirmed, Grind, Drop Zone, and Infected.

As always, a new season brings new Ranked Play rewards for both multiplayer. These updates typically include weapon adjustments and bug fixes across all modes, and Activision states that patch notes will be released closer to launch.