Hearthstone Titans: Fall of Ulduar Druid Cards Reveal — Aerosoilizer, Contaminated Lasher, Forbidden Fruit

The latest expansion for Hearthstone, Titans: Fall of Ulduar, is set to bring about revolutionary effects through the introduction of Anomalies. Additionally, it will introduce a plethora of new cards that will provide each class with fresh tools. The Druid class, known for its shapeshifting abilities, will receive a versatile new package that seamlessly integrates into existing decks.

Druids will now have the opportunity to summon tokens and make impactful plays with two new minions, each with their own unique approach. The Aerosoilizer, upon its Battlecry and Deathrattle, summons a 2/2 Treant, offering exceptional value through a resilient minion. On the other hand, the Contaminated Lasher rewards players with the restoration of four Mana crystals, provided they have cast five spells throughout the game. This grants a substantial mid- to late-game boost, enabling players to execute significant plays. Lastly, the adaptable Forbidden Fruit spell allows players to trade all of their Mana for equivalent attack power or double the amount of armor.

Below, you can find images of each card, as well as the tokens created by Forbidden Fruit.

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The most recent expansion of Hearthstone, Titans, introduced the eponymous Titans characters. These formidable minions possess three distinct abilities that can be utilized in any order. The Fall of Ulduar mini-set expansion for Titans will augment the existing set with 38 new cards, as well as introduce randomized Anomaly effects for a limited duration in Standard, Wild, and Twist matches.

Accompanying the new set is a significant update to the recently launched Twist mode, which enhances the Wonders format to “Wonders XL.” This update allows players to construct decks of up to 40 cards, with health scaling accordingly to match the size of their card pool. The Fall of Ulduar mini-set can be acquired through a single purchase for $15 or 2000 gold, or by opening Fall of Ulduar cards in regular Titans packs.