Possible Demon Bike Mounts in Patch 10.2?!


Patch 10.2 is bringing a lot of cool stuff, but this is on a whole other level. First off we have to mention that these are not confirmed to be actual mounts, as they’re not listed as such in the database for now. However, some other mounts started this way as well (and they have an attachment point for sitting on them) so there’s definitely a possibility they they will be mounts at some point. 

But enough disclaiming, let’s take a look at these awesome choppers! 

Source: LeystTV.

demon bike mounts

HOLY….. DEMON BIKES!!!! #worldofwarcraft pic.twitter.com/UKus4gYFQN

— Leyst (@LeystTv) September 7, 2023

From the other side pic.twitter.com/Ne6jOKaDjz

— Leyst (@LeystTv) September 7, 2023

They are still very much unfinished so far, with some weird animations as well – at least we know it’s FAST:

So, while it’s possible these are just related to a quest or something similar, we sure do hope they’re actual regular mounts! And if they are, we sure do hope they’re not Warlock-only, as their colors are very much like the Warlock pet customization ones. 

Perhaps they’re bikes for the Felguards and Infernals? Or is the Burning Legion making a return as bikers? Is it because Sargeras was in jail and got into a biker gang with Illidan? Ok, we’ll stop speculating now.