Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Drops To Lowest Price Yet In Early Black Friday Sale

Target has initiated its premature Black Friday sale, and one of the retailer’s finest bargains is on Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. The 2023 continuation to Fallen Order is obtainable for only $35 at Target, which surpasses the cost we observed earlier this month for Prime Day Round 2. This proposal is available for purchase on physical copies for both PS5 and Xbox Series X. Amazon was matching this proposal but has since sold out. However, PC players can obtain a Steam key from Amazon for $45.49, which is also the lowest cost we can recall for the PC version of Survivor.

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Black Friday deal

Similar to Fallen Order, Survivor is essentially a Star Wars metroidvania experienced from a third-person viewpoint. It enhances the original game with numerous considerate enhancements. Kestis possesses new capabilities that make him feel like an authentic Jedi Knight, and he takes on the lead role in an extensive narrative that unfolds across the war-torn galaxy.

“Thrilling lightsaber combat and platforming puzzle challenges that defy physics continue to be the most exceptional aspects of Respawn’s latest Star Wars game, but Survivor also takes significant risks with its storyline this time around,” Jordan Ramée wrote in GameSpot’s Star Wars Jedi: Survivor review. “Cal’s quest transports him to unexplored regions of the galaxy, but the most captivating journey he embarks on is an introspective one. Survivor is an exceptionally well-crafted tale about conquering fear, and it’s the Jedi story I’ve yearned for a considerable time.”